How it works

Discover Your Personalized Day Stay

Start by describing a quick luxury escape that you want to go on. You can include details like destination, time frame, amenities and who’s traveling.
For example you can type sentences describing what kind of hotel, destination, or amenities you’re looking for such as:

  • I want a pet-friendly luxury hotel in Los Angeles for a stay in June
  • Best Luxury daytime hotels with poolside cabana

Once you enter these details, LuxeRoom4Day discovery tool delivers hotel results that are displayed in order of relevance with dynamic images bringing to life your search criteria.

Confirm Your Luxury Escape

Enter date of your stay, your time of arrival and the time slot (typically between 4 and 10 hours) you wish to book, you can immediately access real time availabilities for each of our luxury hotels. Once you have found what you're looking for, simply confirm your booking directly online using your mobile devices. You will receive an email including a link to manage and/or cancel your booking.

Book Now, Pay Later

Book at no charge – pay at the hotel. Free cancellation up to the night prior to your check-in.

Take a daycation at a luxury hotel. Recharge with a power nap. Enjoy a change of scenery to boost your meetings.

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